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Prima Terra Awards – Slow Wine 2020

Prima Terra slow wine 2020

Important awards for the Prima Terra winery, local company in which the owners of Arbaspàa, Eugenio Bordoni and Catherina Unger, are involved.
A few days ago Slow Wine 2020, a brand related to Slow Food, attributed to the company Prima Terra the important “Chiocciola” award: this award is assigned to a winery for the way in which it interprets values organoleptic, territorial and environmental) in harmony with Slow Food.
The attribution of this symbol implies the absence of chemical weeding in the vineyards. The wines of a company with “Chiocciola” award also meet the criteria of a good value for money, considering when and where they were produced.

But the good news are not over: in fact, even a wine produced by Prima Terra – the Harmoge 2015 – has received the important recognition of “Grande Vino”, to witness the excellence of the bottle from an organoleptic point of view. Both these awards are welcomed with great pleasure and they contribute rewarding the great efforts and commitment made in the territory.

The celebration, with the “big tasting”, will be held on next October 12th in Montecatini Terme (PT).

Furthermore, having received these important awards, Prima Terra will have the opportunity to participate in the Slow Wine World Tour 2020 which will be held with different dates in Germany and the United States, while – for 2019 – will have the opportunity to participate in the last Asian tour dates scheduled for November in Tokyo and Seoul!

For more information and for to find out more about the world of Prima Terra we recommend you to consult the official website:

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