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A UN delegation visiting the Cinque Terre Manarola Foundation

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They chose Manarola: to admire the beauty of the Cinque Terre, but especially to know a fragile territory and the actions that are carried out daily to preserve it from the effects of climate change and neglect.

An excursion of the fields of the Manarola Cinque Terre Foundation – created to protect and enhance the nature and the environment of the area, as well as the traditional methods of cultivation and oenological production of the local community – was the final part of the ACE Regional Workshop, organized by the Italian Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with the UNFCCC and Eulabor, which was held in La Spezia in the last few days.

There has been talk about the state of ten hectares of land to be recovered on the heights of the village, between the hills of Collora and Beccara: here, part of the work was and still is conducted, transmission of the ancient art of dry stone walls and cultivation of the vine, but also of the commitment to recreate cultivable plots, where the forest has spread due to abandonment, and the cleaning of the drainage canals.

The role of the inhabitants, who donated land and money, the fundraising, the suggestion of the bright Nativity Scene by Mario Andreoli, the structure of the Foundation, the project to teach how to build these dry stone walls to asylum seekers: all these items has been treated, explained by the staff of the organization.

Other theme was the European Union’s Life Climate Change Adaption project, which could bring a total of € 3.7 million (in co-financing with the Cinque Terre Park, one of partners of Manarola Fundation) to be used largely for the restoration of the territory and preventive actions, which became even more urgent after the severe flood of 2011.

With pride, Arbaspàa has provided assistance and services to this delegation and has been partner of Eulabor Institute: another prestigious collaboration that is further recognition of the work of our tour operator.

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