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In front of or behind the lens: the choice is yours! Of course, the camera is the perfect tool to transform your Cinque Terre holiday into an indelible memory. We realize two different photographic experiences: there is the one with the guidance of a professional photographer who will bring you step by step to the realization of the perfect shot exploring with you the potentials of your camera. During the other tour you yourself will become the subject of a real photo shooting posing (alone, with your loved ones or your friends) in a unique and charming location. Moreover, in collaboration with its division Photographic Travel, Arbspàa offers special and concentrated photographic workshops.


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The Cinque Terre photo shooting is the ideal occasion to save your wonderful moments. Create your unique story – told …

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“Photography” literally means “writing with light” – and this is what a good photographer uses to create stunning pictures, different from …

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