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Hiking in the moonlight! From Corniglia to Manarola

Departure place: Corniglia
Notes: 07.04. - 06.05. - 04.06. - 05.06. - 03.07. - 04.07. - 01.08. - 02.08. - 31.08. - 30.09. - 31.10.2020

Tour available from 07/04/2020 to 31/10/2020

Hiking in the moonlight! From Corniglia to Manarola

Guided hike in the Cinque Terre in the evenings during the full moon: a great nature experience with breathtaking views and a delicious highlight!
Meet your hiking guide in the evening before sunset in the center of the village of Corniglia. A short introduction to the history of the villages and the landscape you will enjoy with the setting sun at a panoramic point. Start your walk uphill in the forest above Corniglia with the last light of the day, take your time to look back to see the last sunrays. During the hike your guide will tell you some interesting facts about the Cinque Terre, like the olive and vine cultivation. Night will fall quickly now and soon you will see the light of the full moon illuminating your steps. After about 1,5 hours hiking time you will reach the vineyards of Volastra, spectacularly located overlooking the sea and the villages of Corniglia and Manarola. The narrow path meanders over the terraced fields amidst the vines and it is an incredible experience doing this hike under the full moon. Enjoy the full beauty of the scenery while stopping in one of the vineyards in a particularly panoramic spot where you will be invited to taste a sip of the most precious wine that is produced in the Cinque Terre – the famous Sciacchetrà, a very rare and expensive dessert wine. After this break it is only a short walk to the little village of Volastra where you have the option to catch the last bus of the evening to reach Manarola. Otherwise the hike will continue down the steps of the century old connecting path between the two villages where you can still fully enjoy the rumors of the night and the light of the moon that illuminates your steps.

Dates: 24.04. –  25.04. – 24.05. – 25.05. – 22.06. – 23.06. – 21.07. – 22.07. – 20.08. – 21.08. – 19.09. – 20.09. – 19.10. – 20.10.2021
Meeting point: Corniglia
Time: the meeting time changes depending on the sunset time
Duration about 3 – 3,5 hours
Price: Euro 75,00 per person
Included: English speaking hiking guide, tasting of Sciacchetrà.
Language: The tour takes place in English or Italian depending on the group composition
min: 4 people, max. 15 people
children: no children under 12 years

Important requirements:
this is a hike that requires sure-footedness, sense of orientation and some experience in hiking in the nature as the paths are steep and narrow with stones and rocks and must be walked in difficult light conditions. To fully enjoy the experience, we would rather like to avoid the light of the torches, however we strongly recommend having a torch with you at hand. Furthermore, you will need sufficient drinking water (at least 1 liter per person, bottles can be filled at departure in Corniglia), you will need good hiking or trail shoes (no sandals, no flip flops, no converse-like shoes). Insect repellent and a camera to take pictures are optional.

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