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Genoa flood: the first images

We’re posting the first images about the flood in Genoa today.

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  • This is terrible. Has this storm affected Monterosso today as well?

  • Raffaella says:

    I am terrified and angry because this beautiful city and its people deserve better than this disaster! I am sure that if proper maintenance was being carried out this wouldn’t happen and people wouldn’t die! Our government should do something about such instances, and not just cut on health, safety, schooling, etc. If people get angry when Italy is constantly being attacked and criticised it’s because there are thousands of honest and hardworking people whose image worldwide is being damaged by stereotypes which are only worsened by our hypocritical government!If out constitution was really being applied and enforced many such situations would not happen! Regards, and thank you for allowing me to post this comment, Raffaella Cantillo, EFL teacher, Italy (SA)

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  • Harreson says:

    @ Rich Sorensen:

    I heard that the Cinque terre only received a slight rainfall in this past week, the storms were very localized over Genova area, Monterosso is fine, also safe is Vernazza which was totally evacuated save for 40 military guards ahead of the storms that flooded Genova the past few days.

  • admin says:

    Hi Rich,
    Monterosso (and the Cinque Terre) has not been affected by the storm.
    There has been a flood in Genoa: 3 hours of heavy rains (from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) caused the overflowing of the Bisagno stream that flooded the city center of Genoa.
    Many people (7) died in this new tragedy for our region.
    Thanks for your interesting.

  • admin says:

    Thanks Harreson for your comment!

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