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Update from Vernazza

In a recent interview with Cronaca4, Mayor Vincenzo Resasco stated, “we want to bring our residents back as soon as possible but the village must be safe first.”

As we pass the one month mark we look back and marvel at the progress made thus far. Volunteers and emergency crews have been working day and night and their efforts are evident. Via Roma, including storefronts and cantinas, has been liberated of almost 25,000 cubic meters (883,000 cubic feet) of land and debris and work on freeing the canal continues. Now the focus is to be on that which will safeguard Vernazza and allow its residents to return. One emergency worked stated that “to look to secure the town we must look up.”

This week intense work will begin on the upper part of the canal with the installment of 8 special “debris flow” barriers, which allow for the flow of water but hinder the passage of land and debris.

Additionally, work will commence to secure unstable land in the effort to avoid further slides. The hillside behind the Banca Carige building is an area of great concern. Significant damage has already been caused due to slides of October 25 that buried the backside of the building to its top floor. Rain is expected early this week but workers are hopeful the inclement weather will not cause a delay.

Mayor Resasco went on to say that Vernazza is still awaiting funds but that what has been made available by the government will not nearly be sufficient to cover Vernazza’s damages and that other avenues of funding will be critical.

Vernazza remains under a state of emergency and continues to be evacuated. The town is without gas, electricity has been restored to half the village and many homes are still without water. Once the town is considered safe for residents to return, Mayor Resasco will focus on rebuilding the storefronts vital to the people such as the pharmacy and one food market.

We have done much, yet there is much to do.


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