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Transportation in Cinque Terre? How to move between the villages? – [F.A.Q. Cinque Terre]

Transportation in Cinque Terre? How to move between the villages?

We already said that the best solution to get here in Cinque Terre is the train. The same is to move between the villages. Each village has its own railways station so you can plan your visit checking the train timetable available on internet (, at the Tourist Offices or at the train station.

During the touristic season you can also take advantage of the boat services linking all the villages of Cinque Terre (and not only).

Planning a visit, going by train and returning by boat, could be a good idea and a beautiful experience!

Always during the touristic season, is also available the bus service by Cinque Terre National Park running between the five villages and their hamlets.

Last, another excellent way to move in Cinque Terre is… by foot!

We recommend to avoid the use of the car for several reasons: difficulty to find a parking place, costs of parking, narrow roads, long-time to move from a village to another.

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