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Train from Venice/Rome/Florence/Milan/Genoa to Cinque Terre: fares, itineraries and timetable? – [F.A.Q. Cinque Terre]

monterosso al mare railways station

From Venice you can choose between two train itineraries: Venice-Milan-Monterosso (about 6h – 45 €/person – 1 stop in Milan) and Venice-Florence-La Spezia-Monterosso (about 5h 30’ – 49 €/person – 2 stops in Florence and La Spezia).

From Milan you can take the direct train to Monterosso (about 3h – 19 €/person); sometimes a stop in Genoa is required.

From Florence you’ve to do the itinerary Florence-Pisa-La Spezia-Monterosso: it takes about 2h 45’ with 2 stops in Pisa and La Spezia. Fare is about 24 € per person.

From Genoa you can reach each villages of Cinque Terre without stop: the journey takes about 1h30’, fares are between 6.80 € and 9 € per person (it depends from the train: if Intercity, regional…)

From Rome you can choose between two train journeys: Rome-Florence-Pisa-Monterosso (with 2 stops in Florence and Pisa – about 4h 30’ – 58 € per person) and Rome-La Spezia-Monterosso (about 4h – 1 stop in La Spezia – 44 € per person)


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April 2, 2016
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