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Tips for travelers of Arbaspàa Tour Operator – Chapter 2: How to prepare yourself at best to walk along the paths of the Cinque Terre

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Eastern Liguria and High Tuscany, what a passion!
Two beautiful lands full of treasures, that wait to be discovered.
During your stay here, you may need some suggestions that can simplify your travels and help you to live new holiday’s experiences in the best way.
Beaches, paths, cliffs, countryside, cities, villages: a multicolored world that you can know in the better way with our tips.
Arbaspàa Tour Operator provides you its services for your stay, plus helps you as well to optimize your time and move better … practically, you will get as an inhabitant of the area!
With the post published today, realized returning the rules of Carabinieri Forestry Corps and the Park of Cinque Terre to ensure the correct use of the trail network, adding some input from our experience, we will explain how to start in the best way a day on the Cinque Terre’s paths: emotionals and incredible places, that need, due its conformation, to be explored with the right equipment.
You will enjoy fantastic landscapes, you will be safe and in the same time you will respect yourself and the environment.

The suggestion of the day: how to prepare yourself at best for a safe hike on the paths of the Cinque Terre. The hiker’s handbook.

1. Choose your trail according to your physical conditions and technical skills

2. Study the trail characteristics on a topographic map (distance, difference in elevation, springs, fountains, huts, etc.) and verifying the actual practicability of the paths (; the trails marked with the red circle are closed). Study potential alternative routes for the way back

3. Make sure your clothes and equipment are suitable for the hike’s length and difficulty (spare underwear, fleece jumper, wind jacket, gloves, hat, hiking boots, sunglasses, sun cream, food, water)

4. Don’t forget to include the necessary equipment for potential emergency situations (thermal blanket, headlamp, handy, knife, compass, etc.) as well as a small first aid kit

5. Don’t go on a hike by yourself, and anyway inform a trusted person about your planned itinerary

6. Consult the weather forecast on the website, and constantly keep an eye on how the weather evolves during your hike, especially in terms of wind and temperature. Pay attention on alerts, and and the related information branched out by the Park Authority

7. If you have doubts, go back. It is sometimes better to quit a hike rather than running the risks of bad weather. Please remember that it is however prohibited to walk on the trails in case of adverse weather conditions, as you may endanger yourself and others

8. Take your garbage back with you: don’t leave it along the paths

9. Respect plants and animals. Respect local culture and traditions

10. Don’t leave the marked path

11. In case of emergency, call 112 (first aid service)

12. Always keep your pet on a leash

* To walk along the “Azzurri” trails (just above the sea level) open (chack at the link in point 2) and use the services included in the package, you have to purchase the 5 Terre Trekking Card, which you can buy online at:

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