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Tips for travelers by Arbaspàa Tour Operator – Chapter 5 – The trains to Cinque Terre: how to go to the La Spezia’s Central Station and buy tickets (photo-guide)

How to buy train tickets to Cinque Terre?
How to go to La Spezia’s Central Station?
How to avoid the line?
The station “La Spezia Centrale”, situated in Piazza Medaglie d’Oro ( in the historical center of the city, is the place where you can get on the trains to Cinque Terre; in a few minutes you will arrive to the first, Riomaggiore, then you will stop in the stations of Manarola , Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

A charming railway…on the rocks, between tunnels, incredible glimpses of sky and sea. Open your eyes and keep your camera with you!

Before departure, we have some advices for you:
1) Take enough time to buy your ticket, or purchase it online
2) Pay attention on the crowd on the platforms: don’t stay on the edge of them, don’t pass the yellow line for your security
3) Check the platform of your train on the posters or on the light panels in the ticket office, the entrance of the station and on the underpass that you have to walk to go to the platform from 2 to 7. Instead, the 1 is connected to the ticket office and the entrance of the station (same level of the taxi station and the bus stop). The “1° binario tronco” (truncated platform – usually, train to Parma, not to Cinque Terre), is located on the right side (Southern) of platform 1, from the main entrance.
4) If the train is on the platform *N or *S, it means North and South: in the first case, walking on the underpass coming from the entrance or the ticket office, you have to go on the stair on the left, in the second, on the right.
5) In the Central Station, you could find this kind of facilities: ticket office, automatic ticket office, several between bar, pizzeria and fast food, luggage storage, pay toilets, police, souvenir shop, book shop.
6) Don’t forget: you have to punch Cinque Terre Train Cards and the rail tickets (only regional trains-Cinque Terre Express, without seat reserved) in the box machine on the platforms and in the ticket office.
7) The last destination of trains to Cinque Terre can be: Monterosso, Levanto, Sestri Levante, Genova. This information will be useful when you will look for the train and the platform.
You can have other informations in the previous one post: evaluate if it’s better for you to buy a single ticket or Cinque Terre Card (more trips in one or more days).
This is our photo-guide to go to Cinque Terre by train! (click on the preview)

1) How to arrive to the Central Station:




2) How to buy a ticket to Cinque Terre




3) How to buy a ticket to Cinque Terre at the automatic ticket office








4) How to find the right platform




That’s all! Have a nice trip!

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