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Tips for travelers by Arbaspàa Tour Operator – Chapter 4 – Discover the wonder by train: from going from Riomaggiore to Monterosso with the Cinque Terre Express

visitare le cinque terre in treno

Can you go to the Cinque Terre with your own car?
Unless the hotel you are staying in does not have a garage available, as with many of Arbaspàa Tour Operator’s accommodations, leave the car at home!
In this corner of paradise there are a few parkings, due to the conformation of the territory and the restrictions for the protection of the environment, so we advise you to reach it by ferry ( or by train.
From March, the 16th to November the 4th 2018 the 5 Terre Express is active: we are talkin’ about the regional Trenitalia’s train that connects all the villages of this fantastic coast, with a high frequency (one every 20 minutes approximately, with more train rides during the hours of higher attendance), 7 days a week, for a total of 99 trips a day.
visit cinque terre by train

Rates for non-residents in Liguria, change compared to winter: for each route, the fixed cost is € 4 per person for adults and € 2 for children and teenagers from 4 to 12 years.
For example, if you make a trip to La Spezia Centrale – Corniglia A / R, you will pay respectively 8 and 4 euros, while if the itinerary will be more complex, such as La Spezia Centrale – Corniglia; Corniglia-Monterosso, Monterosso-La Spezia Centrale, the cost will be 12 and 6 euros.
The ticket will not allow you to make intermediate stops.
Tickets can be purchased online on the Trenitalia website ( or directly at the travel agencies, the authorized shops (in general, bars and tobacco shops) and the station ticket office (ticket office or self-service); Arbaspàa usually buys the tickets for the groups that organizes.visitare le cinque terre in treno
Remember that if the tickets issued are valid for regional trains (without assigned seats), they must always be validated in the box shaped machines placed at the ticket office and on the platforms.
Do you want to make more stops in the beautiful villages of the Cinque Terre?
We advise you, in this case, to buy the Cinque Terre Train MS Card, which in addition to the use of regional trains (not valid for Intercity and Frecce – High speed trains), will guarantee other services; have a look here:

cinque terre card
You can buy it online at, or at the information points of the Cinque Terre Park at the stations of La Spezia Centrale, Levanto and individual countries.

After planning your trip … we wish you lots of fun!

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