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The Manarola Cinque Terre Foundation with Fondo Ambientale Italiano (Italian Environmental Fund) for the “Giornata Fai d’Autunno” (FAI Autumn Day)


The Manarola Cinque Terre Foundation, protagonist of the Giornata FAI d’Autunno: Sunday, October 15th , at the event organized at national level by the Italian Environmental Fund, the body created to safeguard a unique landscape, will introduce the participants in this world made of tradition and effort with the excursion “The terraces landscape of the Cinque Terre: a secular history”.

A true heritage that joins man and nature in a delicate balance, shaping part of the territory of the Eastern Liguria with its terraces: the value landscape was recognized by Unesco, that inserted it – along with Porto Venere and the archipelago spezzino, – in the list of World Heritage Sites.

In the Manarola’s Oratorio, trained by the counselor of the Fondazione architect Claudio Rollandi, the students of the institutes of the La Spezia’s area (Liceo Cardarelli, Istituto Capellini, Media Fontana School, Liceo Parentucelli-Istituto Arzelà, Liceo Pacinotti) from 10 to 17.30 will explain to visitors the daily commitment of the body to safeguard the territory, also in relation to the work of farmers.

In particular, helped by posters, they will talk about the terrain conservation interventions and the recovery of the dry stone walls of the valley, known as the “Amphitheater of the Giants”, which hosts every Christmas the magic of the Mario Andreoli’s nativity scene, made by big lights.

The visits will be organized both in Italian and in English.

In addition, in collaboration with the CAI of Spezia, at 10.30 and 12.00, two excursions will be organized for expert walkers on the EE Trail (approximately one hour, with trekking equipment), with groups of at least 10 people.

Useful information:

Visits from 10.30 to 17.30.

First stop, meeting place, attendance FAI Autumn day and departure shuttle to Piazza Innocenzo IV in front of the Church of San Lorenzo in Manarola. Shuttle time: from 10.30 am to the end of the event.

Suggested Contribution Starting at € 3.

On the occasion of the Autumn FAI Day, there are two more excursions in the area: “Riomaggiore between art and history” ( and “Torre Guardiola between landscape, nature and history” (

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October 13, 2017
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