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Found in France 2 missing people of Vernazza

As already said in the past days, when 3 bodies was found in France, along the coast of the French Riviera, now there is the certainty: they are the bodies of 2 of the missing people of Vernazza due to the Cinque Terre flood.

After Sauro Picconcelli, whose body has been recognized by the wife and a cousin, today it has been the time for Pino Giannoni, recognized this morning by the wife and from one of the two sons in Saint-Tropez, where the body has been found.

Sauro Picconcelli was a shopkeeper of Vernazza, manager of souvenir shop: the flood run over him.

Same destiny for Pino Giannoni, famous painter and President of a cultural association, called “Il Portico”, of course well-known in Vernazza and in the Cinque Terre

Now, we’re waiting for the clinic exams on the third body found: it should be Pina Carro, a retired woman, still missing.

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