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Cinque Terre flood: the situation in Vernazza and Monterosso

Here you could find some updates about the flood in the Cinque Terre, after another day of hard work to clean up Monterosso and Vernazza from mud and debris.


One of the most important news is that the water is back. The technicians worked very hard and succeeded to switch on again the water in the old part of the village.
Then, with a little vehicle, they have distributed 4000 liters of clean-water, even if not drinkable.
The nearness with Levanto, other village very damaged, permitted a quick exchange for the most important supplies as bread and water in bottle.


The scenery of Vernazza is dramatic. Worst, if possible, than Monterosso. Getting in by the sea, the village looks like if it was elevated of one floor: there are at least 2 meters of debris and mud transported by the flood in the center. Practically, they have destroyed the first floor of each house. In the “piazzetta” and at the marina there are people, supplies and equipments: Vernazza need everything. Electricity and water are missing.

People are excavating with all means, hoping to find the missing but also looking for save some personal objects in their houses.
Upper floors are in better conditions, maybe only flooded. Different situation for cellars, cafè, restaurant at the first floors: these are completely flooded and/or destroyed.

The Mayor of Vernazza said today that the people don’t want to evacuate and leave the village: by now, have been evacuated only kids, elderly people, disabled.

There will be further updates

Published :
October 29, 2011
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  • Lois Boubong says:

    Please post any news of the safety of Guiliani, Michelle and little Sophia also their lovely place in Vernazza. Grazie!

  • admin says:

    If we’ve any news, we’ll post them. You could post your question also here: maybe you can get a quick answer.

  • Bradley Weisman says:

    I am so glad to see and hear how the dear Italian people of Vernazza and Monterosso are taking care of themselves. I live in The U.S currently and if something like this happened here, our government would have sent all this unneeded “aid”. I am glad to see that there are People who can take care of themselves without the government stepping in.

  • Lois Boubong says:

    @ admin:
    I’ve learned that the Basso family is safe and in Lucca. Sending prayers to all affected by this tragedy.

  • admin says:

    Thank you for the news Lois.

  • admin says:

    Thanks Bradley for your comment. The Italian government has sent the Army and the Firemen in Cinque Terre to help the population. Then, there a lot of volunteers too.

  • Dom says:

    @ Bradley Weisman:
    Italy gave $91 MILLION dollars the next day and correctly so. You must be nuts!!

  • Airika says:

    This is such a tragedy. We were just in Vernazza two weeks ago and it was the highlight of our Italy trip. We will be praying for everyone there–Guissepe & Priscilla, I hope you are Safe & well.

  • Mitchel says:

    Excellent post, sweet blog layout, maintain the good work

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