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Cinque Terre and Genoa floods: the situation up-to-date

Genoa and the Cinque Terre together, with the same dramatic destiny that in only 10 days has damaged both: the pictures of the flood on October, 25th that hit the Cinque Terre, have been lived again on November, 4th from the inhabitants of Genoa: 3 hours of heavy rains caused the overflowing of the Bisagno stream and of one of its affluent, the Rio Fereggiano.

Unfortunately, the balance of the victims of the Genoa’s flood is the following: 7 people died (3 of them were kids)

So, take a closer look about the situation.


In Vernazza and Monterosso the clean-up works in the villages are going on. Now (and until next Friday), also due to the last meteo-alert in the past days, the access to the villages is permitted only to the residents but no one, except for the army and guardians, can remain in the villages during the night.

The work of bulldozers of Firemen and Civil Protection goes on, unending, all day long: they would like to clean up the streets as soon as possible and restore the main accesses to the villages.

For the volunteers there will be the possibility to give their contribution in the next days/weeks

In the meantime, in the sea of the Var (a French department) has been found 2 bodies: they may be 2 (of 3) missing people of Vernazza.


In Genoa the situation is slowly getting better. The meteo alert (level 2) diffused in the past days has been prolonged till the 6 p.m. of November, 8th.

In the previous days of Saturday and Sunday, the Mayor introduced a prohibition for the circulation of private cars in all the territory of the Genoa’s Municipality.

On Monday, November 7th, has been proclaimed the mourning in the city to commemorating the people died in this tragedy.

At the same time, the works to clean up the city are going on: in the past weekend a lot of people (most of them were young people) helped to clean the city above all in the neighborhoods of Marassi and Quezzi, the most damaged by the flood.

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