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vino delle Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre Wines

February 2024

Did you know that the Cinque Terre were born and prospered thanks to the production of wine? But which wines are mainly produced? White wine makes up the majority of wine production in the Cinque Terre. In 1973, this wine was one of the first in Italy to be awarded DOC [...]


The best restaurants in Cinque Terre (with notes about the sea view)

December 2023

UPDATED 2024 Which are the best restaurants in Cinque Terre, possibly with a beautiful sea view? Cinque Terre in Liguria is famed for its quaint villages, challenging hikes between vineyard-laced terraces, and the long culinary tradition with recipes that are a mix of land and sea food. Untangling the thousand [...]


What to eat in Cinque Terre: the anchovies of Monterosso

June 2023

Anchovies in italian are called "acciughe" A few curiosities about the anchovies of Monterosso, traditionally called "pan du ma", the "bread of the sea": why is it such a typical dish here in the Cinque Terre? Obviously, the main answer is that here, in Monterosso, anchovy fishing is concentrated... but [...]


The “food of the gods” from Liguria: this is “bruschetta”!

August 2022

What to eat in Liguria? Which are the best recipes? Which products should be preferred to prepare them? It’s simple as the cuisine of the region, made of a few genuine ingredients and…simply irresistible. We are talking about “bruschetta”, one of the most popular foods of the Ligurian and Italian […]


5 Star Wines, Ligurian viticulture awarded

August 2020

Great result for Ligurian viticulture, awarded once again this year by 5 Star Wines, the Vinitaly-branded competition which – despite the Veronese Show had been postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic emergency – did not miss its annual appointment, continuing to reward all those wineries that invest in the […]

tour pizza la spezia

Become a perfect baker and pizza chef: try our kneading course in La Spezia!

September 2018

Which one of you loves pizza? Are you able to prepare a “Margherita”? How many types of pizza do you know? What is your favorite pizza? Do you know how to knead and bake a focaccia? Do you prefer bread or breadsticks?  The most famous, in the version created in […]


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