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Manet mobile, arbaspàa services

Manet Mobile, the free mobile phone during your stay at Arbaspàa

Arbaspàa tour operator offers Manet Mobile smartphones to its guests, for the entire duration of their stay, as a completely free service.

Guests will find their smartphone directly in their room at their arrival, they just have to insert the check-in and check-out date to activate the phone and have all the services and informations they need to visit Cinque Terre.

Manet smartphone allows you to make unlimited national and international calls, navigate without limits thanks to the 4 G flat internet connection, use map and tourist guides, book tours and experiences of all kinds, book room service, have food advices, have information about public transportation and travel tips.

Our goal is to make our guest feel comfortable as their own home and pampered as it should be on a holiday. We want to make your stay an unforgettable and exclusive experience.

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