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Arbaspàa and the European Chart for Sustainable Tourism (C.E.T.S.)

The Cinque Terre, Unesco World Heritage Site and famous Italian tourist destination, represent a fragile territory located within the Cinque Terre National Park: as a protected area, all the territory adheres to the “European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Areas protected (CETS)”,

which is proposed as a tool and a certification for the management and development of sustainable tourism in the areas subject to particular constraints, eg. National Parks, and its goal is the protection of natural and cultural heritage and the improvement of tourism itself for the environment and the local population.

The chart consists of 10 basic points: they also represent the cornerstone on which Arbaspòa has always developed its activity. We are a local company operating for 15 years as a tour operator in the Cinque Terre region and from the beginning our goal has always been to develop an idea of tourism marked by the sustainability.

Among the principles that see Arbaspàa fully agreed with the European Chart there are undoubtedly:

– the ability to work closely with the other “actors” of the industry by developing joint strategies with them, to develop a sustainable tourism, demonstrating during the years to be always ready to make available our “know-how” to all those involved and interested in; a “know-how” developed in 15 years of hard work organizing meetings, managing new partnerships and, not least, by taking part in numerous trade shows.

– The protection of our natural and cultural heritage. Just think that Arbaspàa collaborates closely with the Foundation Manarola Cinque Terre, by their own owners, who are also founding members of the Foundation (Eugenio Bordoni, owner of Arbaspàa with Catherina Unger, is also director of the Foundation). In addition, the proceeds of tourism have been reinvested in the territory through the recent acquisition of the Farm Company “Prima Terra” as well as in several other initiatives recovering the territory.

– We guarantee to all our guests a high level of quality at each stage of their visit to our territory, making them aware – through a developed network of communication that uses all channels available today – about the beauty but also the fragility at the same time of this particular territory, so that they themselves can implement, during their stay, behavior in line with the principles of sustainable tourism. In this context there are many activities that we organize and promote, in collaboration with several local companies (cellar visits, meetings with winemakers, boat trips with local fishermen, tastings of typical products, etc …), to raise awareness of tourists towards those activities which, today, are the basis of the local economy of Cinque Terre.

– the participation of Arbaspàa also to Quality Brand for accomodations of the Cinque Terre National Park.

Therefore, we support the principles of C.E.T.S. and its implementation so that all “actors” involved in can work for a sustainable tourism, able to generate wealth for the local community. Because in Arbaspàa “we are sure that only the combination of tourism and agriculture sector can instill optimism and bring well-being”

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August 26, 2016
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