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The best wine tastings in the Cinque Terre

DATE : 02/18/2021

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The Cinque Terre were born and developed thanks to wine and the work of farmers, who over the centuries have terraced thousands of hectares of land and transformed the landscape, thus making the fortune of these small 5 villages. Today we can savor the fruit of that hard work, comfortably [...]

Cinque Terre, the beginnings: we were not fishermen

DATE : 11/21/2020

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The Cinque Terre enchant most of the visitors who have come from far away for years to admire these small five coloured villages overlooking the sea. Often they don’t know anything about their history, how they were born and how long time ago. Hardly anyone knows that until the early […]


2021: Arbaspàa turns 20! The Cinque Terre Tour Operator celebrates its anniversary with a fund raising for the territory with a final prize.

DATE : 11/18/2020

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Arbaspàa and the Fondazione Manarola Cinqueterre Arbaspàa is a tour operator founded in 2001 and based in Manarola, in the heart of the National Park of the Cinque Terre. The tour operator is the first of this kind in the area, it specializes in the running of holiday apartments encouraging […]


2 days Hiking in Cinque Terre, between the villages.

DATE : 09/24/2020

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How to easily reach each village by foot, from Monterosso to Riomaggiore. Strong enough for 2 days hiking in Cinque terre? Are you planning to visit the Cinque Terre for a couple of days and you’d like to fully enjoy the nature of the National Park where the famous coloured […]


The best restaurants in Cinque Terre (with notes about the sea view)

DATE : 09/14/2020

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Which are the best restaurants in Cinque Terre, possibly with a beautiful sea view? The Cinque Terre, in Liguria, are famous for their quaint villages, challenging hikes between vineyard-laced terraces, and the long culinary tradition with recipes that are a mix of land and sea food. Untangling the thousand proposals […]


La Spezia, here is the new Golfo & Terre dei Poeti Welcome Card

DATE : 08/31/2020

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A new tourist card that represents the local offer of La Spezia, by networking the various services, offering advantages and discounts on purchases, and able to help raise awareness and promote the tourism products of the area. The card is offered free of charge from this summer and until 31 […]


5 Star Wines, Ligurian viticulture awarded

DATE : 08/29/2020

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Great result for Ligurian viticulture, awarded once again this year by 5 Star Wines, the Vinitaly-branded competition which – despite the Veronese Show had been postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic emergency – did not miss its annual appointment, continuing to reward all those wineries that invest in the […]

Manet mobile, arbaspàa services

Manet Mobile, the free mobile phone during your stay at Arbaspàa

DATE : 08/08/2020

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Arbaspàa tour operator offers Manet Mobile smartphones to its guests, for the entire duration of their stay, as a completely free service. Guests will find their smartphone directly in their room at their arrival, they just have to insert the check-in and check-out date to activate the phone and have […]


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