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Volunteering in the Cinque Terre: “VOLUNTOURISM”- Excursion Rebuild, Restore, Preserve

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Departure place: Vernazza
Notes: Every Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday or Sunday

Tour available from 22/05/2017 to 23/10/2017

Volunteering in the Cinque Terre: “VOLUNTOURISM”- Excursion Rebuild, Restore, Preserve

Share a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Vernazza with locals in the countryside, away from the crowds in the village streets below. Take a half day excursion into Cinque Terre terraced hillsides with a young Vernazzan guide. Work alongside villagers in their vineyards and olive groves while enjoying breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Vernazza’s farmers need your help to restore and preserve their beautiful, fragile territory. Participate in local traditions like building dry stonewalls, restoring land and harvesting grapes. Learn about Vernazza’s culture and environment. At morning’s end, enjoy a locally sourced picnic lunch with Cinque Terre wine with a smile on your face from knowing you made a difference in helping to preserve a UNESCO World’s Heritage site.

Vernazza was hit by a devastating storm in 2011 that caused flooding and landslides, burying the village in more than 13 feet of mud and debris and causing extensive damage in the hillsides. Vernazza’s town centre has been rebuilt following the emergency but its fragile territory continues to need help. Maintaining the territory is critical to avoid further erosion and to prevent additional landslides and to preserve a way of life that is centuries old.


Please see the dates list below, kindly book the tour following the fixed dates:

11/05/17 Thu
13/05/17 Sat
17/05/17 Wed
21/05/17 Sun
25/05/17 Thu
27/05/17 Sat
31/05/17 Wed
04/06/17 Sun
08/06/17 Thu
10/06/17 Sat
14/06/17 Wed
18/06/17 Sun
22/06/17 Thu
24/06/17 Sat
28/06/17 Wed
02/07/17 Sun
06/07/17 Thu
08/07/17 Sat
12/07/17 Wed
16/07/17 Sun
22/07/17 Sat
26/07/17 Wed
30/07/17 Sun
03/08/17 Thu
05/08/17 Sat
09/08/17 Wed
13/08/17 Sun
17/08/17 Thu
19/08/17 Sat
23/08/17 Wed
27/08/17 Sun
31/08/17 Thu
02/09/17 Sat
06/09/17 Wed
10/09/17 Sun
14/09/17 Thu
16/09/17 Sat
20/09/17 Wed
24/09/17 Sun
28/09/17 Thu
30/09/17 Sat
04/10/17 Wed
08/10/17 Sun
12/10/17 Thu
14/10/17 Sat
18/10/17 Wed
22/10/17 Sun


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